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Background Clearance Questions

Clearance is considered complete when a  TBI report has been received and cleared
- AND -
a completed Background Clearance Consent form has been submitted to the BCO.

For Locations In Tennessee

Who must complete a background check and receive a clearance badge.

  1. ALL faculty, adjunct faculty, and/or staff member employed at Peabody/Vanderbilt. 

  2.  AStudents:

  • Students earning a Peabody Degree.

  • Students earning special certifications, licensure hours, etc...

  • Students enrolled in Peabody Classes

4.      If you are you enrolled in a class, project, activity that will require you to visit schools, child-care centers, or involvement with vulnerable adults.

5.      If your 1st or 2nd major is in education.

6.      If you will be conducting research or gathering data on or off campus that brings you in direct contact with children (<18) or vulnerable adults.

7.     You are involved in projects, internships (including undergraduate internships), service learning, or volunteer work as required by Peabody/Vanderbilt enrollment that brings you in contact with children (<18) or vulnerable adults.

8.     ANY staff member or instructor for a camp or other activity conducted as a Peabody/Vanderbilt activity.

9.     ANY consultant, contractor, volunteer, technical personnel, data specialist, photographer, therapist, etc....

For Locations Outside of Tennessee

Person's assisting with or conducting Peabody research in locations outside of Tennessee should read the  "Non-TN Policy".

Questions concerning previous clearance should review question 6 in the FAQs.


Background Clearance Checklist

Please use this checklist either as a personal computer desktop form or in printed version to help ensure you fully complete the background check.  Checklist