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The Susan Gray School

Where Knowledge Meets Nurture

Watch "Susan Gray: A Legacy of Hope"
Susan Gray: A Legacy of Hope

The Susan Gray School, originally named the Peabody Experimental School, opened in 1968 as an on-campus research-oriented school devoted to educational research involving young children with developmental disabilities and children whose future development was at risk because of conditions such as poverty. In 1986 the School was renamed the Susan Gray School in recognition of Dr. Susan Gray (1913-1992), a Peabody faculty member and national authority on the early education of "disadvantaged" children.

The pioneering work of Dr. Gray was recognized nationally and Sargent Shriver, founding director of the Peace Corps and architect of the Head Start program, credited her with the inspiration for founding Head Start: "Dr. Gray's pioneering experiments showed us what could be accomplished and how to go about it. Through Head Start and through the even more massive programs for child development which have flowed from the Head Start experiment, Susan Gray has made an enduring contribution to the nation's welfare."

For nearly four decades, the Susan Gray School has served young children with developmental disabilities and young children who are at risk for developmental delay. The school has the distinction of being the first nationally recognized early intervention program to include typically developing children in educational settings with children with disabilities.

Today, the school's four-fold mission to service, training, research, and demonstration continues. Susan Gray School is a licensed child care center and has the Tennessee 3-star rating, indicating a program of highest quality.

The SGS playground is accessible to all children and includes a central fort structure with wheel chair accessibility and novel play panels, a variety of swing types, and an outdoor classroom area.

For further information please contact Kiersten Kinder, Site Director at or by phone (615) 322-8200.


Check out these links to learn about the many, easy ways you can support SGS:

Labels For Education - purchase these products from any store and bring the labels in to SGS to help earn points and funds!

Swipe Your Kroger Card When You Shop for Points - it's easy to connect your card and when you checkout, swipe the card and earn points and funds!

Recycle Your Old Toner Cartridges, Cell Phones and Batteries - Vanderbilt and Guy Brown are coordinating a campus wide recycling effort and SGS will get some of the proceeds, so bring those items in to drop off!

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