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PRAXIS Testing

Vanderbilt University is now offering PRAXIS testing on Peabody Campus. The test center is STN14979A and is located in Hobbs Hall, Room 107. Test offerings for the spring will be on Friday at 11 a.m. on the following 2017 dates: January 20, February 17, March 17, April 14, and May 19. You can sign up for testing at

PARKING: If you do not have a Vanderbilt parking permit please use visitor or metered street parking. 

PRAXIS Testing

PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II testing is done through Educational Testing Service (ETS), which offers testing in paper/pencil format on national test dates at national test sites, including Vanderbilt. In addition, a limited number of PRAXIS II tests are proctored by computer at Prometric Testing Centers across the country, two of which are in Nashville. Testing at Prometric centers is done on an individual appointment basis. Registration may be done on the ETS website.

PRAXIS exams are required in Tennessee, and in over 40 other states, for teacher licensure. Each state selects its own tests within the PRAXIS series and sets its own minimum score requirements for specific licensure endorsements. At Vanderbilt, students may take the tests on whichever test date(s) they choose (either specified national test dates or by individual appointment with a Prometric or computer based testing center). Most students take the exams the semester before student teaching and/or while student teaching. Students are urged to plan ahead for this testing because they can’t be recommended for a Tennessee teaching license without having passed each of the exams required for the endorsement(s) they seek for their license. Additionally, because of the cost of the exams, it helps to plan ahead.

National Test Dates

Exams are proctored on Saturdays on national test dates selected by ETS across the country. Tests may be taken on one or more of these test dates in the Nashville area at Vanderbilt, proctored by the Psychological and Counseling Center staff (615-322-2571). Optional test sites in Nashville are David Lipscomb University and Tennessee State University. Tests are available in September, November, January, March, April, June, and July. Please be aware of registration deadlines. Consider registering early for the test date(s) of your choice for best chances of testing at first or second-choice test site and/or for ETS-granted financial aid for the test and registration fees. (Note: For students planning to graduate in May, finishing testing by the March test date assures that score reports will be on file in the Office of Teacher Licensing just prior to May graduation. Assuming all other requirements are met at that time, the license recommendation can then be made without delay after final transcripts showing Vanderbilt degree conferral are available.)

Testing by Appointment with Prometric Testing Centers

Some Tennessee-required PRAXIS II exams may be taken at Prometric Testing Centers and other computer based examination sites on an individual appointment basis. Registration for this computer-based testing may be done on the ETS website, or by calling the Prometric Testing Center of your choice. Tests have a higher per-test fee for this computer-based testing; unofficial scores are available for multiple-choice testing immediately, however. (Note: scores for free-response or essay portions of tests are not available immediately.) Test codes for computer-based testing at Prometric Testing Centers begin with the number 5.

Which Tests Are Required for Tennessee Licensure

Every initial license applicant should pass one "Principles of Learning and Teaching" (PLT) test, which assesses basic knowledge of general pedagogy. There are four PLT test choices: Early Childhood [E.C.], K-6, 5-9, and 7-12. A PLT test is not required if the applicant is exempted by passing the TPA or if they are applying for a non-teaching license such as school counseling. In addition, one or more specialty tests are required, depending on the endorsement(s) being sought for the Tennessee teaching license. Attached is a list of PRAXIS tests, scores, and test dates for all Tennessee licensure candidates, effective June 1, 2016. For current Tennessee testing requirements please visit the overview page regarding TN on the ETS website.


PRAXIS I is a series of three basic skills tests (reading, writing, and math) required in some states without any exemptions. In Tennessee, students are exempt from PRAXIS I testing if they earned an SAT score of at least 1020, an ACT score of at least 22, or if they have earned a master's degree when they receive initial licensure. Students are urged to check testing requirements in states other than Tennessee (if they plan to apply for licensure in other states) to determine if the states require PRAXIS I testing without any possible exemptions.


PRAXIS II testing is required in 40+ states for teacher licensing; however, requirements change frequently in Tennessee and other states. Students must meet the testing requirements at the time they are recommended for licensure by the institution where they completed the teacher preparation program (not necessarily the requirements at the time they enter the program). Each Tennessee teaching license application must include passing scores on a general professional education test at the appropriate grade level (Principles of Learning and Teaching Early Childhood, K-6, 5-9, or 7-12) and passing scores on the appropriate specialty test(s) for each endorsement. The examinations can be taken in any sequence in the same semester or the same year. Tests may be taken at any state of the program; however, most students take all tests when they are nearly finished with all course work and/or during student teaching.

The student must specify during test registration(s) that official score reports must be sent from ETS to Vanderbilt University (ETS code for Vanderbilt is 1871). The score report will be held in your licensure file until you are ready for licensure recommendation to the Tennessee Office of Teacher Licensing (Tennessee Department of Education).

It usually takes four weeks for electronic score reports to be received by the student after testing on national test dates. It usually takes a few days longer for institutions to which the student indicated score reports should be sent to receive them. Please be sure to view the link above for the list of Tennessee-required PRAXIS II exams during the current year. Be sure to be informed about requirements at the time you register for the tests. Tests may be retaken as many times as necessary. For test preparation, see the ETS website that provides "Tests At A Glance" information for each test and more detailed study guides.