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Peabody Professional Institutes

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View our 2015 Peabody Professional Institutes Catalog.

Peabody Professional Institutes (PPI) provide short-term, intensive educational experiences for professional educators and administrators during the summer. Each institute draws from social science disciplines and professional fields of study to create a comprehensive and focused curriculum. Designed with the same expectations for rigor and depth as Peabody College's degree programs, our institutes rest on the philosophy that good practice is best derived from, and informed by, a strong theoretical base.

If selected as a summer fellow, you will have the opportunity to engage in a unique professional development experience. As a summer fellow in the higher education administration track or in the independent school leadership track, you will expand your understanding of how educational organizations function and the theoretical perspectives which undergird good practice and leadership. As a summer fellow in our track for classroom teachers, you will expand your teaching methods and perhaps your own content knowledge. After your time with us, you will possess a set of tools to enhance the effectiveness of your home institution and that will propel you in your career.