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Advanced Master's Degrees

Experienced practitioners and others interested in education who seek professional development will find the master of education programs designed to provide advanced study in a field or an opportunity to develop skills in related fields.

Requirements in each major provide guidance and common experiences for participants in that major, but are flexible enough to meet individual needs and goals. The curriculum will prepare you to return to your career as a master teacher knowledgeable about current ideas and research in your area.

All master of education degree programs contain the following elements:

  • a common profession core of 9 to 18 semester hours
  • a major of 9 to 18 semester hours
  • electives from 3 to 6 semester hours
  • capstone seminar  1 hour

Total of 31 semester hours minimum

The major fields of study for the master of education degree are:

All students have the option of completing a capstone experience or writing a thesis.