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PTPB (2nd Edition) Registration and License Agreement

(page revised 11/18/10; 10/8/10; 8/10/07; 9/5/07; 9/20/07)

The PTPB Manual (2nd ed.) includes the full PTPB battery and is available at no charge for paper version only.  Use in any computerized or electronic media requires an additional license agreement. A completed Registration Form and submitted License Agreement are required.  Upon receipt of your information, we will  send you an email containing the URL for the Manual of the Peabody Treatment Progress Battery (2nd ed.) (If you lose the email containing the URL for the PTPB, please contact us . Please do not re-register unless your information has changed.)

IMPORTANT:  If you have an email filter, please make changes to allow email from CEPI at Peabody [] .

Please acknowledge the License Agreement by clicking on the YES button located at the bottom of this page.  To complete the registration and application process, you must choose  SUBMIT.

If you have questions, please email us.


Submit your measures for inclusion in the PTPB!

Our goal is to continuously improve the PTPB and include additional measures and scales that address topic areas and age groups currently not covered. Ultimately, we hope that the PTPB becomes the venue for scientifically developed measures to become easily accessible to practitioners and clinical researchers. Just as there are many high-quality software programs available as free shareware, the PTPB can provide a comprehensive collection of high quality clinical measures available at no cost to the users. Furthermore, just as these shareware programs are continuously improved by the data and feedback from the many users, we will collect data and feedback to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of the measures in the PTPB. We invite authors of relevant measures to submit them for inclusion in the PTPB. We will evaluate the measures for certain standards of quality (e.g., Consumer Measurement Systems and Child and Adolescent Mental Health) and we will assist with psychometric analyses, if needed. Once included in the PTPB, the measures will be available to a wide audience and will be marketed as part of the battery. Data collected and made available to us with the new measure will be used for psychometric analyses; it will also be made available to the measure's author. If you are interested in submitting a measure for inclusion in the battery, please contact us.