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Jason Grissom



Faculty Director
Jason A. Grissom is associate professor of public policy and education and, by courtesy, of political science. As Faculty Director, he oversees TERA’s research agenda; helps set its strategic priorities; and collaborates with the Tennessee Department of Education, researchers at Vanderbilt and other universities, and other stakeholders to ensure that Tennessee has the research it needs for effective K-12 education policy decisions. Grissom’s primary areas of research are school leadership and educator mobility. He has ongoing research projects on principal effectiveness, measurement and evaluation of principal job performance, principal supervision, and how principals make human capital or talent management decisions in their schools. Grissom has also authored numerous studies of turnover among teachers, principals, and superintendents. Grissom co-edited the 2016 book  Improving Teacher Evaluation Systems: Making the Most of Multiple Measures (Teachers College Press), and currently serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief of  Educational Researcher He holds a Master’s degree in Education and a PhD in Political Economics from Stanford University.



Twitter:  @JasonAGrissom