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NNERPP 2019 Annual Forum: Re-examining the Purpose of the Policy Brief

During this session, Jessica Holter (TERA) and Jeff Archer (Knowledge Design Partners) led participants through a discussion and activity about what questions need to be asked, and at what pointswhen researchers and policymakers or practitioners come to together to make sense of new research. 

Click here to download  the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Read about and download documents from the session below. 


Session Documents 

Initial Interview Guide Initial Interview Guide

This tool is designed to guide the author of a non-technical brief in interviewing a researcher about a specific research study or set of studies. The guide provides a line of questioning intended to prompt researchers to clarify, in non-technical speak, the key points of their work and their relevance to important problems of policy or practice.




Guiding Questions Guiding Questions for Brief Drafting

Most TERA briefs follow a similar structure and include the same basic elements regardless of the content or the findings of the research article(s) from which the brief is based. These guiding questions help provide the brief's author with a general structure for formatting the brief, and prompt the writer to carefully think through each section as he/she is writing. 




Graph Guide
Guide for Creating Impactful Visuals

Creating impactful figures is central to the TERA brief writing process. Well-crafted charts help us communicate key ideas from the research and the messages we want readers to walk away remembering. This guide is designed to provide tips for creating informative and clear figures for TERA briefs.