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School Turnaround

Like many states, Tennessee has sought to find the right approach toward intervening in low-performing schools. TERA will continue to build on an existing body of knowledge on school improvement efforts in the state and elsewhere to better understand the dynamics of chronic underperformance and the ways in which different intervention models can change them. 

Featured Content

Guiding Principles for Improving the Lowest-Performing Schools in Tennessee (Henry, Pham, Guthrie, & Harbatkin, 2018)

This brief explores state-led efforts to turn around low-performing schools. Distilling research on school reform from the past several years, including research conducted by TERA, we compile a set of guiding principles for state efforts to improve low-performing schools. These guiding principles constitute a coherent and interconnected approach to reform, all of which are necessary to improve Tennessee's lowest-performing schools.