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You want to make a difference in the world. We can help.

Here at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College, we believe that the greater good is a critical component of success. That's why we equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to carve out more than just a successful career path; we give our students the necessary tools to make a positive difference in the world.

Earning a master's or doctoral degree from Peabody College means joining a worldwide network of 30,000+ leaders who are spearheading positive change in a variety of settings, including public and charter schools, government offices, hospitals, colleges, universities, start-ups and tech companies.

Below, you'll meet just a few of our outstanding alumni who are changing the world for the better.

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Dan Parsons Dan Parsons M.Ed. '17 Middle School Language Arts Teacher John Trotwood Moore Middle School Nashville, TN
Peabody has given me the necessary tools to provide all of my students an equitable literacy education. Prior to graduate school at Peabody, I taught middle school English Language Arts at a private school and earned my B.S in Middle School Education. Little did I know there was so much more to offer to my future students. Peabody not only expanded my teaching practices, but also transformed my teaching philosophy. In my classroom, students are exposed to a variety of texts that expand not only their thinking but their perspective on various situations in today's society. My time at Peabody also made me realize the significance of accommodating to the social needs of all of my middle school students to help them best be successful. My experiences and professors helped me become a more responsive and effective educator, and I am truly grateful for my Peabody experience and education.

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Laura Moore Laura Moore M.P.P. '14 Policy Associate Equality of Opportunity Project at Harvard University Cambridge, MA
Every day, I have the opportunity to work with partners inside and outside government to prepare our students for success in school and life. My Peabody degree prepared me to be a critical consumer of research and data to inform the initiatives that we lead, from pre-K to postsecondary. Getting a degree from Peabody also gave me a head start on forming the relationships that I needed to effect real change in Nashville.

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Julie DeVoe Julie DeVoe M.Ed. '12 Director of Scholar Advising Morehead-Cain Foundation Chapel Hill, NC
My role, every day, is to invest in, inspire, and accelerate the growth of the some of the most promising young leaders in our country. The education and experiences I gained at Peabody provided me with the foundation I needed for a challenging and dynamic role, allowing me to lead our scholars and my team of advisors with confidence and optimism.

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Matt Dolson Matt Dolson M.Ed. '13 Senior Solutions Provider InfoWorks, Inc. Nashville, TN
My degree from Peabody highlighted my absolute strengths and allowed me to fully communicate my optimism for life. Being this kind of optimist does not mean that I am always happy, simply that I have a natural desire to be. In a program such as LOP, you are able to fully understand yourself and the amazing impact you might have on those around you. I believe that one of our greatest gifts is our ability to connect with people and to enhance their lives. Each and every day, I am able to challenge, coach, and motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves, regardless of their background. I constantly seek to understand the frustrations and roadblocks that people hold on to that make them unable to embrace a change in personal or professional settings, while ensuring that they never lose sight of who they are and who they want to be.

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Robbye Good Robbye Good M.Ed. '13 Vice President of Investor Relations and Special Projects Hope Enterprise Corporation Jackson, MS
HOPE's mission is to eradicate opportunity deserts in a region where fully one third of counties have had poverty rates greater than 20 percent for more than three decades. My Peabody degree and network have been instrumental in my work to leverage data, research and partnerships to raise public and private support for programs that strengthen communities and improve lives in these highly distressed places.

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Ke Wang Ke Wang M.Ed. '16 Research Associate, Research and Evaluation American Institutes for Research Washington D.C.
I gained all the skills needed for my current position through my Peabody education: quantitative and qualitative methods, programming in statistical software, and how to design research studies that not only meet the highest standards in social sciences but also carry practical significance. More importantly, as an international student who had zero social capital in the United States, I am extremely grateful for having worked with some of the most talented, warm-hearted colleagues and professors in the field of education.

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Greg Schermbeck Greg Schermbeck M.Ed. '14 Founder & Principal SchermCo Charlotte, NC
My time and Peabody and in the Leadership and Organizational Performance (LOP) program shaped me as a person and the vision for SchermCo. My colleagues in the program were diverse leaders in all ways - culture, race, work experience and more. Having such a unique blend of diversity and passions allowed us to explore critical issues in leading people and top-performing organizations. Further, the LOP program did a remarkable job balancing theory and practical advice - while encouraging us to test ideas and collect feedback in real time. This framework and the guidance to get our hands dirty really pushed us to take the leap from ideas to implementation. Studying such important issues at Peabody from performance analytics to innovation management provided a really unique graduate experience that helped me launch our organization and serve others working to improve public education. I'd put the LOP program and my experience up against any in the country.

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Nupur Singh Nupur Singh M.Ed. '13 ELA Teacher Lead SouthEast Middle School Nashville, TN
As an educator, I am impacting lives by teaching the minds and hearts of my scholars. I am teaching scholars to not only write strong essays but to also write essays of encouragement on the hearts of others. I am not only teaching scholars to closely analyze texts but to also create close bonds within their community. Through Peabody, I learned to provide this education of both the mind and heart through caring and talented professors, small class sizes, and excellent research based pedagogy.

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Sissy Peters Sissy Peters M.Ed. '13 Program Manager Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Reading Clinic and Learning Assessment Clinic Nashville, TN

It is no secret that the state of education, especially the field of Special Education, is subject to increasingly more challenges. At this critical time in our nation's history, it is more important than ever before that we have educators who are not only passionate about the field but also extremely well-trained. Peabody continues to hold the No. 1 ranking in the country for Special Education (as well as high rankings in many other programs), and I know with confidence that my impact in the field reflects that ranking. I only know one type of practice: best practice.

Upon graduation, I was the only first-year teacher hired at Rawson Saunders, a highly respected private school designed solely for students with dyslexia, located in Austin, Texas. Such a hiring decision had never been made at that school. The stakes were high but, because of my training, I exceeded all expectations over my three-year career at that innovative school. I returned to Nashville to reconnect with this incredible city, Vanderbilt University and the public school system as a whole.

There is a reason that Vanderbilt, especially Peabody, is known as the "Gold Standard." Because there is truly no place else like it in the country. I feel honored to be a Commodore.

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Ayindé Rudolph Ayindé Rudolph Ed.D. '12 Superintendent of Schools Mountain View Whisman School District
I was fortunate to have some wonderful experiences over the course of my career; however none were comparable to the experiences that I received at Peabody. I truly believe that my current position is due in large part to the ideas and the research that I was exposed to during my time at Vanderbilt. To me, Peabody wasn't just about learning the information; it was about starting a journey to becoming an expert for my craft. It was about working with experts who not only pushed my thinking, but also challenged me in such a way that helped me to understand the fundamentals of research, the social underpinnings of education, the historical and organizational context of schools, and the engine that drives school reform. I could not effectively manage my current job, or leverage the network of like-minded professionals, without the help of my cohort members and the esteemed professors with whom I was fortunate to work. "[At Peabody], you're going to learn more about yourself, what you believe, and how you want to lead others in education. More importantly, you are going to meet some of the smartest people in the world: classmates, professors, and staff.

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Nicole Queathem Nicole Queathem M.Ed. '14 Certified Child Life Specialist Duke Children's Hospital and Health Center Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Neuro-Oncology Durham, NC
In my work as a certified child life specialist, I teach children and teens how to adaptively manage their treatments for various forms of cancer. By attending to their psychosocial and developmental needs and implementing appropriate interventions to support those needs, I bolster my patients to build positive coping skills for their hospital hardships. My time in the Child Studies Program at Peabody provided me with a foundational knowledge of evidence-based practices for supporting children and teens facing healthcare challenges. Through both my classroom learning as well as my in-field practical experiences, I gained the rich, research-based skill set that I use daily to perform effective interventions with pediatric patients and their families. Because of my training at Peabody, I can now serve as an advocate for children and teens fighting cancer so that they experience less fear and gain more resiliency throughout their treatment journeys.

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Robert Robinson Robert Robinson M.Ed. '13 Associate Director Alignment Nashville Nashville, TN
I facilitate teams of community leaders to develop and implement initiatives to improve educational outcomes for students. These initiatives bring different community organizations together to align their resources to have a greater collective impact on the school district and support the districts strategic plan. My Community Development and Action degree from Vanderbilt Peabody College helped me to better understand the public sector landscape, while also emphasizing the community's role in creating solutions to complex community problems. In completing the program, I gained skills in areas such as group facilitation, program evaluation, grant writing and others that I have been able to use throughout my career.

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Janessa Dunn Janessa Dunn M.Ed. '15 Assistant Director of Admissions Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Admissions Nashville, TN

As a Senior Admissions Counselor for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Vanderbilt, I recruit and evaluate first-year and transfer applicants for students in the Midwest region. My role has provided a platform for me to lead on-campus programs that provide tangible, high-impact resources for low-to-middle income students and their families through college search programs specifically geared toward access and affordability. I also help recruit some of the best and brightest students in the nation who represent a diverse array of racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and life backgrounds and experiences.

The Higher Education Administration program at Peabody stretched me in ways that I could not have fathomed. I had the wonderful opportunity to delve into higher education policy, data assessment, and the economic impact that higher education institutions have had on the national and global economies for decades. This has allowed me to be more fine-tuned, or strategic, in my current role as an admissions counselor and to advocate for our upcoming generation, specifically for underrepresented populations. Most of all, I enjoyed the real-world applications that not only aided me in my practicum and graduate assistantships but have continued to influence my professional approach in the field of enrollment management. I am very grateful for the Peabody faculty, fellow graduate students, and staff members with whom I had the opportunity interact and learn from during my graduate experience.

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Chen Chen Chen Chen M.Ed. '12 Chinese Language Teacher Harvard-Westlake School Los Angeles, CA
What I received from Peabody is much more than a master's degree. The small size classes, flexible appointments with professors, the supportive administrator who generously offered me a part time job through my graduate study, and the network that helped me find internships in the state and metro governments are a few of the many things I appreciated about Peabody. All the experiences I received from Peabody broaden my vision in the educational field in this country and guide me to find my passion and expertise in education.

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