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Investing in you

Peabody College students invest in themselves just as Peabody invests in them.

Small class sizes, solid national rankings, generous financial aid and more make Peabody College of education and human development the place to invest in your future.

Talk to us today about how we can invest in you.

Where Are Our Alumni Now?

Jeff Bandel Jeff Bandel M.Ed. '13 9th Grade Pre-AP World History Teacher KIPP Denver Collegiate High School Denver, CO
Jeff Bandel is a 2013 graduate of Peabody’s Secondary Education program. Presently he is a ninth grade teacher for KIPP Colorado Schools in Denver. “After attending Peabody’s prospective student event, I looked forward to attending a program that had a student population with diversity in age, experience, and backgrounds. Peabody allowed me to develop my teaching approach and gave me the tools to be successful in the classroom.

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Amanda Blewitt Amanda Blewitt M.Ed. '15 Program Leader Thinking Beyond Borders Various locations in South Africa, India, and Ecuador
Amanda Blewitt graduated from Peabody’s International Education Policy and Management program. She currently works with Thinking Beyond Borders in multiple locations around the globe. She says that “Peabody is an environment in which you will be both nurtured and challenged, where you’ll be encouraged to develop your leadership skills, and where you will have considerable freedom to explore your interests and to take initiative in pursuing your goals. You’ll receive genuine mentorship from faculty members, and you’ll be able to take advantage of small classes in which you’ll learn from both peers and professors. Joining the Peabody community means cultivating a lifelong network of smart, motivated colleagues who can support you for the entirety of your career."

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Hannah Clark Hannah Clark M.Ed. '14 Certified Child Life Specialist Parkland Hospital and Health System, NICU Dallas, TX
Hannah Clark is a 2014 graduate of Peabody’s Child Studies program, and currently is a certified child life specialist at Parkland Hospital and Health System in Dallas. “Peabody upholds its reputation is a number of ways,” she says. “The faculty is exceptional, the opportunities are abundant, and the community is welcoming and encouraging.”

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Monica Cox Monica Cox Ph.D. '05 Department Chair and Professor The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Monica Cox is a 2005 graduate of Peabody’s Leadership and Policy Studies doctoral program. She was recently named chair of the newly-formed Department of Engineering Education at the Ohio State University. In 2010, she received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) from President Barack Obama, the nation’s highest honor given for young researchers in the early stages of their independent research careers.

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Molly M. Goldwasser Molly M. Goldwasser Ed.D. '14 Assistant Vice Provost & Manager of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation Duke University Durham, NC
Molly M. Goldwasser graduated in 2014 from Peabody’s Ed.D Program in Educational Leadership and Policy. She works for Duke University as Assistant Vice Provost and Manager of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation. When asked how her experience at Peabody shaped her career, she said, "My cohort has become an amazing professional network. We are trusted colleagues and dear friends who can help one another navigate countless professional and academic situations. Additionally, I found lifelong mentors and role models among the faculty and staff at Peabody."

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Ryan Hirsch Ryan Hirsch M.Ed. '15 Operations Manager NASBA Center for the Public Trust Nashville, TN
Ryan Hirsch is a 2015 graduate of Peabody’s Leadership and Organizational Performance program. He currently works for the NASBA Center for Public Trust as an operations manager. He says, “My educational experience at Peabody College shaped my career by helping me better understand how to add value to an organization and create value within myself. I learned how to frame conversations in a manner that helps me and my team focus on our common interest, rather than our initial positions or preferences. Peabody College enabled me to become part of a network of people that I can rely on for advice, business leads and social engagement."

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Lauren Macedo Lauren Macedo M.Ed. '13 Clinical Director Gateway Learning Group San Francisco, CA
Lauren Macedo is a 2013 master’s graduate from Peabody’s special education program. She presently is a clinical director at the Gateway Learning Group in San Francisco, a job she came to after being interviewed by another Peabody graduate. “[Peabody] continues to open doors for you after you leave.”

“All my experiences at Peabody gave me a unique perspective on behavior management in the classroom, which I am able to apply daily to my career.”

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William Payton Richardson William Payton Richardson M.P.P. '15 Quantitative Research Analyst Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford Sunnyvale, CA
William Payton Richardson is a 2015 graduate of Peabody’s Education Policy Program. He presently is a quantitative research analyst with the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University, where he continues to put his thirst for knowledge to work. He came to Peabody wanting to study issues of education and policy through a different geographic and demographic lens. “My time at Peabody left me asking more detailed and informed questions … The unique experience of applying lessons from the classroom directly to areas of legislation, policy, or research is Peabody’s greatest asset.”

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Ayindé Rudolph Ayindé Rudolph Ed.D. '12 Superintendent of Schools Mountain View Whisman School District Mountain View, CA
Ayindé Rudolph is a 2012 graduate of Peabody’s Ed.D Program in Educational Leadership and Policy. He presently is the superintendent of schools in the Mountain View Whisman school district in California. When asked what he would like to share with prospective students, he said, "[At Peabody], you're going to learn more about yourself, what you believe, and how you want to lead others in education. More importantly, you are going to meet some of the smartest people in the world: classmates, professors, and staff.”

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Maria P. Zapata Maria P. Zapata M.Ed. '15 Family Engagement Manager Conexión Américas Nashville, TN
Maria P. Zapata is a 2015 graduate from Peabody College’s Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies program. Presently she is a family engagement manager for Conexión Americas, a community support organization in Nashville. “The program was a great fit. I wanted something rigorous but academic flexible, and center on real world implications. My experience with Peabody is what connected me to my career! [At Peabody], your friends are your peers and colleagues. It’s amazing to be in a place where you can laugh, learn, share a drink, and have meaningful conversations on education.”

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