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All about the VUnet ID and e-password

Your "VUnet ID" (not to be confused with the Vanderbilt Card which you use as an ID and to store money from home) is your username that identifies you to most computer-based systems at Vanderbilt.

Authorize your VUnet ID

If you have not done so already, you should go to the Authorize your VUnet ID page and sign up. Incoming students should not have to do this step, they should begin with the e-password process below.


During the VUnet ID authorization process you will select an "e-password" - which you can change at any time by going to e-password page to change your e-password or your "forgotten e-password" questions.

If you forget your e-password, you can go to the Forgotten e-password page to be prompted with the questions you selected when you signed up. If you answer the questions correctly, you will be allowed to change your e-password. If you cannot remember the answers to the questions, you will have to repeat the initial e-password signup procedure, which includes setting up a meeting with a "PIN Responsible Person" to verify your identity in a face-to-face procedure.

What does the "e" in e-password stand for?

Enhanced security - you must follow specific rules when selecting your e-password to make it harder for someone (or a computer program) to "guess" it. In addition, all of the programs and web pages you use you e-password with are "secure" in that they do not transmit your e-password in clear-text over the network. This is why we make particular requirements about email programs supported, for instance.

Keeping your e-password secure

Since you use your e-password to access personal information such as your email messages, course registration, and grades, you should not share it with anyone - including family, friends, or support personnel. You should also not use the same password with off-campus accounts, since those passwords may pass over the internet un-encrypted and may be intercepted by others.

Vanderbilt People Finder

You can lookup phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses by using the Vanderbilt People Finder page at If you would like to change any of this information, you must sign in with your VUnet ID and e-password. You can also select whether or not your information is viewable to anyone who does not sign in first.