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Technology @ Peabody - Online Orientation

You probably already realize that computers will play an important role during your college career. If you take a few minutes now to complete this online orientation, you may be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that new students face in "settling in" at Peabody.

On the menu bar at the left of this page, you will see a number of topics - some may already be familiar to you. Others may be new. Explore each category. Some sections will suggest that you check the settings on your computer or suggest that you install software - so you should run this tutorial on your personal computer in your dorm room or at home, if possible.

It is best to go through the topics in the list from top to bottom.

Some topics will involve "branching off" to other web sites. If you find yourself on a page with a design different than this one, or if the "back" button on your browser doesn't go anywhere, close the window, and you will find yourself back on this site.

When you are finished exploring all of the topics, please make sure to go to the Survey & Registration link. There we will ask you a few questions about you and your computer - and offer you the opportunity to provide us with important feedback about your needs.

Note: On most of these pages, you can click on the links embedded in the text of the page to perform the suggested activities. Full URL's of all the Vanderbilt web pages are listed on the Helpful Links page.


Vanderbilt has created a new Emergency Instructions page to cover all of the issues related to worms, viruses, etc. that have effected students bringing their computers to campus this Fall.