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Computer Labs and Open Access Kiosk Computers

The PTSC maintains several computer laboratories located around the campus. Both Macintosh and Windows systems are available, along with printers and other peripheral devices. Although most lab computers are capable of burning CDs and DVDs, the Wyatt Development Lab also includes specialized hardware and software for editing video images and burning discs. The PTSC also co-manages the Learning Commons found in the Peabody Library. The Commons is a shared college resource that provides classroom space for Peabody courses in addition to seminars and workshops offered by the library. When the Commons is not booked for these activities, it serves as an open access computer lab for use by library patrons.

These links provide additional information about selected labs:

Open Access Kiosk Computers

Each academic building on the Peabody campus (with the exception of Home Economics) has open access computers that are available for walk-up use. The computers have email clients, online course scheduling software, web browsers, and other useful software packages. The open access computers are located in:

  • Hobbs Building
    3 computers in the first-floor hallway
  • Mayborn Building
    3 computers in the lobby hallway
  • Payne Building
    8 computers in the ground-floor hallway
  • Peabody Administration Building
    4 computers in the ground-floor hallway
  • Peabody Library
    12 computers on the main floor,
    12 computers in the lower-level Reading Room and study rooms,
    15 laptop computers available for check out
    18 computers in the Learning Commons (room 304)
  • Wyatt Center
    4 kiosk computers on the historic first floor
    10 computers in Room 131 (next to computer lab)
    10 computers in the second-floor Visitor's Center

All of the above are available any time their respective buildings are open to the public.

In addition, the 25 computers in the Wyatt Computer Macintosh Classroom/Lab (room 130) and the 31 computers in the Wyatt Center Windows Computer Classroom/Lab (room 132) are available any time classes are not meeting in the rooms.

Academic Year Wyatt Lab Hours

Monday - Thursday — 8 am - 10 pm
Friday — 8 am - 7 pm
Saturday — 8 am - 5 pm
Sunday — Noon - 10 pm

Summer and Break Wyatt Lab Hours

Monday - Friday - 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday - closed
Sunday - closed

Lab phone: 343-1867 to check lab availability.
Laser printing is available in the Wyatt lab for 4 cents per page.
Equipment for scanning and video digitizing is available in the Wyatt lab.