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Videoconferencing, Satellite Uplink/Downlink, and Audio Recording Facilities

When the Wyatt Center (formerly the Social Religious Building) was renovated in 1996, our dedicated videoconferencing facility (WC 323) was the first available at Vanderbilt. In the last ten years, tremendous strides have been made in videoconferencing equipment and the "pipes" over which the images and sounds are transmitted. Peabody has stayed at the forefront of technology by purchasing and using IP-based equipment that, for many applications, can replace very expensive digital phone line (ISDN) systems. Currently, Peabody College offers both ISDN conferencing in WC 323 and IP via a portable cart mounted system that can be used in Peabody classrooms, conference rooms, and other spaces where a network connection can be acquired.

The technology now exists to perform videoconferencing over IP using desktop or laptop computers and simple camera/microphone units. The Center continues to work with instructors and researchers to advance the use of these types of inexpensive videoconferencing systems to provide inexpensive and convenient methods of communication.

Peabody College boasts the only satellite uplink facility at Vanderbilt University. The WC 002 suite is equipped with a VYVX/fiber optic broadcast system (satellite uplink via fiber optic transmission) used primarily for live video news feeds for the VU Public Affairs News Office (VUStar). As well as transmitting live signals from the WC 002 studio, we can feed BetaCam SP or DV/DVCPro from our head-in. The WC 002 studio is sound-proof and equipped with a small "academic office" set, microphones, lighting, and IFB ear-sets. Brian Smokler can assist those interested in learning about the technical aspects of the studio spaces: office (615) 343-0183, mobile (615) 491-2758, e-mail

A fully equipped audio studio is also located in the WC 002 suite. This studio is used to record interviews with local and visiting scholars and other renowned individuals. The interviews provide the core of a modern audio treasury of glimpses into education and social issues.