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Our Difference

Vanderbilt Peabody is ...

More than you think.

Our well-rounded community includes five unique departments, a top-ranked graduate school, national research centers, and the largest undergraduate major at Vanderbilt.

Intellectually and practically engaged.

Peabody professors are well-known scholars and practitioners who actively mentor students. Our undergraduate, master’s, Ed.D., Ph.D., and professional development programs all attract people who share a deep concern for the human condition and education.

Qualitatively different.

Open-minded and innovative, we foster a challenging yet supportive environment.


We benefit thousands of people by creating new knowledge. Some of our most recent work focuses on understanding how

  • cultural differences affect language skills
  • public policy affects school administration
  • communities can relieve adolescent depression or the effects of maternal depression on children
  • the state of Tennessee can improve delivery of education and human services 

In these and many other projects, Peabody partners with metropolitan, state, and national organizations on funded research projects; examples include

  • an interdisciplinary program of research focusing on the role of the body in mathematical activity
  • an assessment system for evaluating student skills with data modeling and statistical reasoning
  • the impact on student achievement of performance incentives for teachers, administrators, and principals

Our collaboration with the larger Vanderbilt community opens up even more possibilities for exploration.

Discover our people and research on the leading edge of many fields.