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Peabody Reflections

 A key concept of a Peabody education is reflection, where students assess what a learning experience has meant to them. We’ve asked Peabody students, alumni and professors to offer their reflections on their Peabody experience here.


Beddow Peter Beddow , Ph.D. Special Education, Ed Psych, 2009


Xiu Cravens Xiu Cravens , Ph.D., Leadership and Policy Studies, Educational Leadership and Policy, 2008


Freedman Darcy Freedman , Ph.D., Community Reseach and Action, 2008


Huff Jason Huff , Ph.D., K-12 Leadership



Solomon Jessica Solomon , B.S., Special Education, 2010


Cate Amy Cate , B.S., 2003


Ross Kevin Ross , Ed.D., Higher Ed Leadership and Policy, 2006


Hayes Katherine Taylor Haynes , Ph.D., Leadership and Policy Studies, 2006


Sawyer Christian Sawyer , M.Ed., 2002 (Secondary Education)


Tolos Stacy Tolos , B.S. and M.P.P. 2007



Benbow Camilla Benbow , Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development


Ford Donna Ford , Professor of Education and Human Development


Hasslbring Ted Hasselbring , Research Professor of Special Education


hoover Kathy Hoover-Dempsey , Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development