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Criminal History Background Clearance

Clearance is considered complete

  • when a completed TBI VECHS Waiver has been submitted to the TBI AND the BCO  
  • when a TBI report is received and cleared by the BCO Committee
  • a completed Background Clearance Consent/FERPA form has been submitted to the BCO
Complete the VECHS Waiver for TBI
Complete the Consent/FERPA form
Badges requested LESS than 24 hours before pickup have no guarantee of being printed.

Listed below are transportation options.

Some Cabs can be paid for by using Commodore Cash.  Some also allow payment sharing between cards. Check with the cab company before you schedule if you wish to use Commodore Cash.          

On Cabs           Lyft Nashville          Uber Nashville       Zip Cars

Accessible Transportation

BBB Accredited Accessible Transport           MTA Nashville Access Ride         Uber/Lyft