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Background Clearance Questions

Clearance is considered complete when a  TBI report has been received and cleared
- AND -
a completed Background Clearance Consent form has been submitted to the BCO.
AND - 
a completed TBI VECHS Waiver has been submitted.  TBI will not release the results of your background check until this form has been submitted by the BCO Office. 

Who must complete a background check and receive a clearance badge.

  1. ALL faculty, adjunct faculty, adjoint faculty, and

  2. ALL staff members employed at Peabody/Vanderbilt. 

  3.  ALL Students:

Students earning a Peabody Degree.

Students earning special certifications, licensure hours, etc...

Students enrolled in Peabody Classes

Undergrad students enrolled in a Peabody Department

4.      If you will be conducting research or gathering data on or off campus that brings you in direct contact with children (<18) or vulnerable adults. 

5.     You are involved in projects, internships (including undergraduate internships), service learning, or volunteer work as required by Peabody/Vanderbilt enrollment that brings you in contact with children (<18) or vulnerable adults.

6.     ANY staff member or instructor for a camp or other activity (on or off campus) conducted as a Peabody/Vanderbilt activity.

7.     ANY consultant, contractor, volunteer, technical personnel, data specialist, photographer, therapist, etc....