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For Students

As your career partner, Peabody Career Services provides expertise, tactical skill development, and strategic goal setting for your targeted job search. Your job is to prepare for a competitive job market and implement the job search. Analogous to the Olympic athlete who intensely prepares for one shining moment, you also need to prepare and invest your time.

To optimally prepare and wisely invest your time, we suggest you:

  • Develop an actionable career focus, which includes some combination of function, industry and geography.
  • Start the process early—attend workshops and actively participate in early meetings/class sessions.
  • Build your LinkedIn profile, update your resume, write a cover letter, conduct a mock interview and practice networking.
  • Pursue information (primarily through connections) about your chosen career. Initiate conversations with classmates (especially returning students), professors, and alumni to gather career information.
  • Connect to resources in your future profession (join professional organizations, read journals, follow thought leaders on twitter, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and subscribe to email lists)
  • Excel at all internship/practicum experiences.


Resume samples:

Education Policy

Special Education

Teaching & Learning

Higher Education Administration

Human Development Counseling (School)

Human Development Counseling (Community)