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Office of Professional Education


The POPGE office aims to serve our professional students in the best way possible. We hope that you will take advantage of the many resources that the college provides to enhance your education. Whether you need support academically, personally or professionally we hope that you will be able to find what you need with the help of our office. Please see the various resources below.

- Peabody Career Services
Vanderbilt Peabody Career Services is your strategic career partner for opportunity, employment and success. For students in our professional programs (Master's and Ed.D.), we offer resources, programming, and group/individual sessions to effectively launch careers.

- Financial Aid information
Please be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the available financial aid information through the college

-Library Resources
We also encourage you to check out the resources through the Jean and Alexander Heard library ( as well as the Peabody Library (

- Registrar’s Office | Frequently Asked Questions

- Peabody College Catalog

-Peabody Honor Council -- Vanderbilt University students pursue all academic endeavors with integrity. They conduct themselves honorably, professionally, and respectfully in all realms of their studies in order to promote and secure an atmosphere of dignity and trust. The keystone of our honor system is self-regulation, which requires cooperation and support from each member of the University community.

The Peabody Honor Council Constitution is designed to clarify this compact of academic integrity expected of all students in graduate and professional programs in Peabody College. Should disagreements between students, faculty, and/or other personnel arise within the context of the Honor Code, they will be reviewed, advised, and heard through the Peabody Honor Council. By registration, all students pursuing graduate and professional studies at Peabody College acknowledge the authority of the Peabody College Honor Council. By Orientation, all Peabody College students must be familiar with the Peabody Honor Code and elements of the Peabody Honor Council Constitution.

Download the Peabody Honor Council Constitution