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Office of Student Affairs

Peabody's Office of Student Affairs serves undergraduate students by promoting their academic, personal, and professional development through student-centered initiatives, activities, services, and resources. Peabody Student Affairs provides students with co-curricular opportunities to learn and develop. It fosters students' integrating successfully into the Vanderbilt community and participating productively in the life of the College. It facilitates students' use of university resources and services, assists faculty in advising students, and cooperates with university student support services, such as Student Health Services, University Counseling Center, Opportunity Development Center, and Learning Center. Additionally, the office interacts with the University's Office of the Dean of Students as well as the Office of Housing and Residential Education and Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

Peabody's incoming students (first-year and transfers) are welcomed to the college at an orientation, which is coordinated by Peabody Student Affairs. Several orientation initiatives offer opportunities for incoming students to familiarize themselves with the university and its programs, services, and resources.

Students have many leadership opportunities at Peabody. In particular, the Peabody Council and the Peabody Academic Leaders (PALS) offer students challenging leadership roles that enrich their undergraduate experience and contribute positively to the life of the college and the university.

Throughout the year students can be involved in serving as Peabody representatives for community, university, and college-sponsored events and activities. Often the Peabody Office of Student Affairs assists students in making these connections and participating in these programs.

Charged with promoting student development, Peabody's Office of Student Affairs continuously seeks ways to improve its service to the students and to enhance their undergraduate experience.

For more information contact Monique Robinson-Nichols, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.