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Student Support Services and Resources

Peabody students are encouraged to take advantage of the support services and resources available within the College and throughout the University. These services and resources are designed to support students' academic, personal, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs. Some of these valuable services, resources, and facilities include: the Career Center, the Psychological and Counseling Center, the Student Health Center, the Opportunity Development Center, the Tutoring Services, the University Chaplains' Office, Financial Aid, the University Registrar, and the Student Life Division as well as the libraries, laboratories, computer centers, and the Sarratt Center. The Peabody Office of Student Affairs can guide students in identifying the appropriate service or resource.

In addition, students are urged to take full advantage of their faculty adviser's expertise. Peabody College has a strong system of faculty advisers who work with students in developing their academic plans based on student interest and academic requirements.

The Peabody Undergraduate Handbook along with the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Catalog and the Vanderbilt Student Handbook are essential resources. Students should consult these resources with questions of policy, requirements, and rules. These documents are rich with useful and necessary information for students to know. Student are responsible for knowing the contents of these documents.