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Graduate and Professional Student Organizations

Peabody Graduate Student Association: The mission of the Peabody Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is to enrich the experience of Peabody graduate students by organizing social activities, community service opportunities and scholarly events aimed at fostering relationships between graduate students, faculty, staff, the Vanderbilt University community and the greater Nashville community.

Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates: The Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates is an organization geared towards students of color that seeks to provide social support to its members. PCBG also plays an integral in the recruitment and retention of minority students on Peabody's campus. The organization holds several educational and social events throughout the year that are open to the greater Vanderbilt campus.

Queering and Embracing Diversity (Q.Ed.): Through intentional community-building, outreach, advocacy, social events, and education, Q.Ed. will make Peabody a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ students and their allies. By educating and building relationships, Q.Ed. will build a coalition of anti-oppressive and anti-racist LGBTQI+ and allied students who are socially accountable, engaged in their communities, and actively working to ensure the safety, acceptance, and affirmation of all identities on Peabody’s campus.


Peabody Jewish Assocation: The Peabody Jewish Association is a student organization for anyone interested in Jewish related programming. We strive to enhance Peabody’s diversity awareness, serving as a Jewish themed social and educational resource.

Common Ground: Common Ground is a student organization that seeks to give Peabody students an opportunity to collaborate across departments and grapple with current education policy issues. This organization was founded on the belief that Peabody’s professional and graduate students have the capacity to make valuable contributions to policy discussions in tandem with their studies. The value this organization adds to the Peabody community is that it gives students “reciprocal” exposure to important policy makers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of education.


Peabody Ph.D. students will also want to link with the Graduate Student Council: