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Meet Our Fellows

Humphrey Fellowship Program 

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program was initiated in 1978 to honor the late Senator and Vice President and his life-long commitment to international cooperation and public service. The program brings accomplished educational leaders from developing nations and emerging democracies to the United States for an academic year to study, gain related professional experience, build their leadership capacity and foster mutual understanding. The program provides a basis for lasting ties between US citizens and the Fellows while strengthening the global exchange of knowledge and expertise. Humphrey Fellows are selected based on their potential for leadership and their commitment to public service in either the public or the private sector.

Vanderbilt's Fellows ________________________________________

In 2021-2022, Vanderbilt University's Peabody College will host twelve Humphrey Fellows in the field of education.

21-22 Fellows Map

Fellows' Biographies ______________________________________


Muhammad Ohiedul Islam (Wahid) of Bangladesh has more than 14 years of working experience in education. His areas of expertise include Early Childhood Development, Early Grade Reading Instruction and Education in Emergencies. Mr. Islam’s previous roles included Project Officer at Save the Children International, Early Childhood Development Officer at Aga Khan Foundation, and District Team Leader at RDRS Bangladesh. His responsibilities included implementing projects, developing teaching and learning materials and staff, and teachers training. He has also developed a primer for pre-primary learners and a full education package for illiterate Rohingya youth and adolescents.

Mr. Islam holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in education from University of Dhaka. He received an award by the National Academy for Educational Management (NAYEM) for his research work, which focused on the perception of different stakeholders about the Qawmi Madrasa education.

Mr. Islam is committed to improving young children’s and youth’s reading and math skills through evidence-based methods. At Vanderbilt, Mr. Islam will focus on leadership for school improvement, and education and public policy. Upon his return to Bangladesh, he plans to develop innovative curricula on reading and math and to improve students’ reading and math skills while assessing these curricula using research methods.


Tranette BarbadosTranette Belgrave of Barbados a Graduate Teacher at a secondary school with the Ministry of Education of Barbados. In her role, she provides instruction in languages, and is also responsible for the school’s student improvement programs which assist with the development of at-risk students. In Mrs. Belgrave’s previous role as Acting Head of Department, she formulated syllabi for languages and provided support for the ongoing curriculum development in her department. She also possesses experience in business as a Marketing Researcher at Marcus Evans.

Mrs. Tranette Belgrave holds undergraduate degrees in French & Spanish and Management with Spanish from Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies and respectively. She also has certificates in Business and Protocol & Social Etiquette and post-graduate diplomas in Education and in Educational Leadership.

In the Fellowship year, Mrs. Belgrave plans to focus on educational administration, policymaking, and curriculum development. Mrs. Belgrave also looks forward to professional networking opportunities with district leaders and principals who have implemented positive change in their schools. Upon her return home, Mrs. Belgrave intends to contribute to the efforts of leading education reform and developing sustainable education policies and programs in Barbados.



Alexis Arakaza of Burundi is an English Teacher at Gasura Communal Lycée. His professional focus includes teaching the English Language to high school students and evaluating students’ competencies. His previous appointments include English Teacher at Ecole de l'Unité. Mr. Arakaza also is the president of World Merit Burundi in Bujumbura City, which promotes the education and implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is also a leader of AVLT, a non-governmental organization which fights against tuberculosis in Burundi where he intervenes in Education for positive change.

Mr. Arakaza holds a Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature from the University of Burundi. Over the course of his career, Mr. Arakaza had been selected to join multiple programs. Among these include a peace building and governance training in East Africa by Nyerere Center for Peace Research, a peace building and conflict prevention in Rwanda by Never Again Rwanda Peace Building Institute, and a leadership training by Young Africans Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center.

Through the Humphrey Fellowship, Mr. Arakaza plans to deepen his expertise as an English teacher by exploring the nuances between teaching English to adults, high school students, and undergraduate students. At the same time, he aims to explore school administration and management skills. Upon his return to Burundi, Mr. Arakaza plans to manage his own English center that will serve not only high school students, but also adult professionals. He also plans to expand his mission of youth movement to reaching the SDGs 2030 Agenda through partnerships in education with high schools and universities across Burundi.



Dany Khieu of Cambodia is a former Education Technical Advisor at CARE International in Cambodia. She was responsible for driving organizational organizational strategy in alignment with CARE International Vision 2030. Her key roles were to provide technical oversights and program quality assurance, apply innovative program ideas and transformative approaches to education and youth empowerment, and offer technical insights to strengthen ongoing programs. Ms. Khieu’s previous experience includes being an Education Sector Working Group Coordinator at UNICEF and a Research Specialist at Panhchak Research Institute.

Ms. Khieu holds a Master’s in Education Studies from the University of Canberra, a Master’s in Education Management and Planning from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and a Bachelor’s in Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Institute of Foreign Languages (Phnom Penh). She also participated in various leadership and women’s empowerment programs in Austria, Australia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Ms. Khieu plans to use her time at Vanderbilt to focus on comparative education and policy analysis across countries in Southeast Asia. She aims to use findings and recommendations to inform policy development and improve policy implementation. She also aims to learn more about the American education system, work closely with other Humphrey fellows and faculty members at the Vanderbilt University, and engage in professional exchanges with U.S. experts and other U.S. institutions throughout her fellowship year.


Central African Republic

Omery-Clerick Bossana of Central African Republic is currently a freelance translator, a TV journalist and an English Language Instructor at the American English Language Center in Bangui, Central African Republic. At the American English Language Center, he teaches professional English of different levels to organizational staff, civil servants and students. Mr. Bossana also teaches English as a Foreign Language at Bangui Technique High School. He is a cofounder and vice-chairman of The Central African Association of the Sign Language Interpreters and has trained teachers and interpreters of the Central African Sign Language.

Mr. Bossana holds a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Teachers Training College in Bangui and a Bachelor’s in English Linguistics rom the University of Bangui.

During the Humphrey Fellowship, Mr. Bossana plans to deepen his expertise as a linguist, explore the vocational school system in the US and learn about leadership for school improvment. He looks forward to professional networking opportunities with ESL organizations and vocational schools in Tennessee. Upon his return to Central African Republic, Mr. Bossana plans to tackle the challenge of increasing literacy and continue with projects for the deaf community and for youth empowerments.



Ulla Kamp of Estonia is the Chief Expert in the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia, where she is an inspector at European Schools to assure quality of teaching and learning, and was previously responsible for national curriculum development analysis and the funding of national minority institutions. Ms. Kamp was also a project manager at Good Deed Foundation, where she was in charge of a leadership development program for Estonian school leaders. Her previous experience includes acting as a Senior Leadership Development Specialist, a primary and secondary school teacher in Estonia and a teacher’s assistant in Australia.

Ms. Kamp holds a Master’s degree in English Studies (Teacher of English) and a Bachelor’s in Educational Science (Humanities) from the University of Tartu. She has also completed a Future Leaders in Public Sector program in Estonia.

Ms. Kamp is committed to providing every student with the best possible learning experience, and she plans to work toward this through school leadership development and education innovation. During the Humphrey Fellowship, Ms. Kamp will focus on strategies and best practices of school leadership development and professional networking opportunities with innovative educational institutions in the US. Upon her return home, Ms. Kamp plans to lead a school leadership development program that will support school leaders to effectively implement education policy and promote leadership succession.



Chinara Abdymomunova of Kyrgyzstan is a program manager at Youth of Osh where she leads the projects team in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects that are designed to develop young people as active citizens in Kyrgyzstan. Mrs. Abdymomunova has worked as a program officer at Mercy Corps Kyrgyzstan and in various positions with the Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP KG), an initiative by the Aga Khan Foundation.

Mrs. Abdymomunova holds Bachelor’s degrees in Jurisprudence and in Translation Studies from the Osh State Institute of Law and Osh Technological University respectively. She was selected to attend the Basic Leadership Development training course organized by the Asia South Pacific association for Basic and Adult Education in 2019.

Passionate about improving girls’ education and reforming the education system in Kyrgyzstan, Mrs. Abdymomunova intends to focus on education policies in the US and ways to empower girls through education. Upon her return from the Fellowship, Mrs. Abdymomunova plans to join the Oblast State Department of Education in a position where she would be able able to enact positive reforms in the secondary education system, specifically for girls in Kyrgyzstan.



Fazna Yoosuf Fariq of the Maldives is a principal with the Ministry of Education, Maldives. In her role, she manages the school through providing strategic direction in the school system, leading teachers and staff, and ensuring that students meet their learning objectives.

Mrs. Yoosuf Fariq holds a Master’s in Educational Management from the University of Malaya, funded by a scholarship program from the government of Maldives, and a Bachelor’s in Education (Primary) from the The Maldives National University.

During her Fellowship, Mrs. Yoosuf Fariq plans to specialize in educational administration, planning, and policy, focusing particularly on the best practices of teacher development and evaluation. Mrs. Yoosuf Fariq intends to build a teacher-centered professional development program upon her return home. In this program, teachers are able to learn what they need and want to learn and can grow professionally.



Bakht Zamina of Pakistan is the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at the Global Education Partnership for Education- Balochistan Project. Her responsibilities include developing and supporting the institutionalization of monitoring systems and conducting researches, studies, and evaluations of projects, among others. Ms. Zamina has also worked as a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at the Project Management Unit for Promoting Girls Education in Balochistan.

Ms. Zamina has a Master’s degree in Social Work and Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Social Work & Sociology from the University of Balochistan. She received a gold medal in her Master’s program in Social Work for her thesis on child abuse at the work place in Balochistan.

During the Humphrey Fellowship, Ms. Zamina intends to focus on policy planning and implementation in the education sector, and on deepening her knowledge on student assessments, teacher training programs, and fostering a learning atmosphere in the classroom. Upon her return to Pakistan, Ms. Zamina plans to design a monitoring strategy that can improve the quality of education offered by institutions.   



Jayson Bingcang of Philippines is a Computer Science teacher and the former Division Chief of Student Affairs in the Philippine Science High School.

Mr. Bingcang holds and a Master’s in Educational Technology from the University of the Philippines System and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the Holy Angel University. He was a Fellow in the International Leaders in Education Program at Kent State University, a program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, for outstanding teachers to learn about the latest advancements in educational methodology and policy, and to develop the leadership skills necessary to implement and promote change within their schools and home communities.

Mr. Bingcang plans to use his time at Vanderbilt to focus on developing as an aspiring school leader and to identify and learn the best practices and successful policies that can be adapted in the context of the Philippines. With a background in educational technology, Mr. Bingcang is passionate about e-learning and hopes to learn the strategies and policies made in the advancement of online learning. Mr. Bingcang hopes to lead a public science high school in the future.



Metin Catar from Turkey is an advisor to the Director General (DG) for EU and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of National Education, Turkey. He is responsible for coordinating several education projects implemented by the DG. Previously he worked as the Deputy Director of the Project on Promoting Integration of Syrian Kids into the Turkish Education System (PIKTES) at the Ministry of National Education, Turkey. He was responsible for education planning, material development, measurement and assessment, and social cohesion activities. He also has held positions as a National Education Expert at the Ministry of National Education—Directorate General for the European Union and Foreign Relations, and also in the Prime Ministry for Migration and Humanitarian Aid Unit.

Mr. Catar holds a Bachelor’s in Public Administration from Anadolu University and a Bachelor’s in English Language Teaching from Ondokuz Mayis University.

Committed to providing quality refugee education in Turkey, Mr. Catar plans to strengthen his academic knowledge by focusing on courses on policymaking and equity issues, and honing his professional skills through networking with refugee organizations in the US. Mr. Catar intends to design and establish a comprehensive and sustainable refugee education model for Turkey upon his return home.



Anna Novosad from Ukraine currently works as an education expert in various international projects, including leading school inspection reform in the Canada-funded project Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance. Her previous roles include the Minister of Education and Science, the Head of Strategic Planning Directorate, and the Head of International Cooperation and European Integration at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Ms. Novosad holds a Master’s in Analyzing Europe from Maastricht University , funded by the Open Society Foundation Scholarship, and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy . Ms. Novosad was selected to participate in the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program , the International Visitors Leadership Program , funded by the US State Department, and to attend the Aspen Institute Central Europe in 2020. She was also awarded the 30 under 30 award by the Kyiv Post in 2019, which honors the top 30 young Ukrainians leaders.

Committed to closing the achievement gap between socioeconomic groups and the rural/urban divide, Ms. Novosad plans to focus on learning ways to diminish social inequalities that impact education and to find responses that work toward equity, as well as to learn more about effective policies to implement general secondary school programs in order to establish a network of innovative high-quality private schools upon her return home.


Contact Information __________________________________________________________________

For more information, please contact Nancy Dickson, the Humphrey Fellowship Program Director, at 615.322.7834 or or Sarah Crane, the Humphrey Fellowship Program Coordinator, at 615.509.6912 or