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International Collaboration and Research

Lifting up Education and Human Capital in the Global Context

Peabody College – Global Strategy

Our Vision

Today’s interconnectedness makes it imperative for universities to work with a global perspective. For education to be the great social equalizers and to prepare people to live and flourish in today’s democracies, meaningful learning must occur for all, at all levels and in all contexts. We believe that developing human capital enables nations to realize the potentials of their citizens as both individuals and contributing members of society.

We are committed to lifting up education and human capital in the global context. Peabody is uniquely situated to contribute to such an international agenda. Peabody has a long history—dating to the 1950s—and demonstrated international success in developing programs and conducting research, working alongside scholars, educators and policymakers in local contexts, to improve education and social institutions. It has provided professional development and training to teachers and educational leaders across the globe. Peabody’s existing professional collaborations with peer institutions and educational leadership networks in more than 60 countries provide the building blocks for a re-energized and re-focused global strategy. With its emphasis on solid theoretical foundations and evidence-based practices, and its history of international collaboration, Peabody can have a major impact on shaping educational outcomes and policy around the globe. That, in a nutshell, is the focus of our global strategy.

The Peabody Approach

Peabody’s global strategy would apply a human development lens to focus on children’s growth and learning, economic development and policy improvement, and professional development for educators and leaders to address global learning crises. Our approach involves:

  • Conducting research to connect Peabody strategic initiatives with international communities to develop cross-culturally valid evidence, policy, and knowledge with global relevance;
  • Identifying and developing regional expertise within Peabody and then forming and sustaining mutually beneficial collaborations with international researchers and practitioners who serve as our local partners;
  • Disseminating research and scholarship with intellectual rigor and an empirical orientation through multi-modal professional development programs internationally and publication;
  • Building professional networks of international alumni and collaborators who will enhance and support Peabody’s global outreach.