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Documents and Forms for Download

Documents available for download

2017-2018 Peabody Undergraduate Handbook
Undergraduate Catalog
Peabody Professional Student Catalog
YES User Guides

Adding/dropping courses
Add Course (undergraduates and graduates)
Undergraduate Drop Course ( undergraduates  only)
Professional Drop Course ( graduates only)

Major/Minor/Track/Program of Studies
Major - Minor - Advisor Declaration/Change
Track Declaration

Studying elsewhere/abroad and credit transfer
Study Elsewhere 
Pre-Freshman Credit
Transfer Credit Institution Verification Form (for pre-freshman credit applicants only)

Audit Request
Alternate Track, Request for (Undergraduates Only)
Course Overload or Underload
Credit by Examination, Application for (Undergraduates Only)
Degree Audit Substitution (formerly the Course Substitution Form)
FERPA/Buckley agreement (consent to release academic info)
Incomplete Request
Individual Learning Agreement (form for independent study)
Intent to Graduate (Professional Students Only)
Leave of Absence
LPO Practicum 
Pass/Fail Request (Undergraduates Only)
Student withdrawal
Time Conflict
Undergraduate Enroll Outside of Career
Change in Program of Studies    (Professional Students Only)

Forms available from other offices:

Change of Name (URO)
Student Account Agreement (Office of Student Accounts)