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Peabody Office of Academic Services FAQs

 Q: Where can I find more academic policies?

A: The Catalog -


Q: Where can I find archived academic catalogs?

A: Here:


Q: Where can I find the form used to ____?

A: Find all of our forms here:


Q: I need help with something in YES.

A: See Help Guides here:


Q: Who is my associate dean?

A: Undergraduates: Anita Wager

Professionals: Catherine G. Loss

Graduates: Jeannette Mancilla-Martinez 


Q: Where can I find answers to questions about registration.

A: See the Registrar's Office registration information page here -


Q: I need a transcript from Vanderbilt/have a transcript that I need to send to Vanderbilt

A: See transcript information here -


Q: I need someone to write a Letter of Good Standing / fill out a form attesting to my status as a student.

A: If you're a Peabody student, the Peabody Office of Academic Services may be able to take care of this for you, depending on what the letter needs. Start by reaching out to us first. 


Q: If I withdraw from classes, are “W”s on my transcript a bad thing?

A. Not necessarily. If you only acquire a couple of “W”s over the course of your undergraduate career, that will almost never be of any consequence. However, if you establish a pattern of frequently dropping courses after the change period, and acquire “W”s across several semesters, then people evaluating your transcripts, such as potential employers and graduate admissions committees, might start to wonder about your ability to complete assignments. Thus, if you have to withdraw from classes once or twice over your undergraduate career, it isn’t something you need to worry about. At the same time, withdrawing from classes is not something that you want to do regularly.


Q: A hold has been placed on my registration account. Who can remove it?

A. Several types of holds and reasons exist. Most typical is the adviser approval hold, which only your adviser can release. Please make an appointment to meet with your adviser before the beginning of registration for each semester. Your adviser will remove the registration hold after your meeting.  Immunization holds and student account holds are placed by the Office of Student Health and the Office of Student Accounts, respectively. Please contact the appropriate office to discuss options for having one of these holds removed.


Q: How many hours can overlap between my two majors/minors? 

A: For a major offered through Peabody College, at least 21 credit hours need to be unique to that major. That is, 21 hours within the major cannot be used to count toward any other major or minor. For a minor offered through Peabody College, at least 15 hours need to be unique to that minor.


Q: I'd like to transfer from Peabody to another Vanderbilt school.

A: Read about intra-university transfer here -


Q: How many hours are required to make class standing and to graduate?

A: Sophomore Standing: 24 hours, 1.8 GPA

Junior Standing: 54 hours, 1.9 GPA

Senior Standing: 84 hours, 2.0 GPA

Graduation: at least 120 hours, 2.0 GPA


Q: My AP/IB credit isn't showing up on my degree audit / in YES. Where is it?

A: Here are some questions to answer:

  1. Did you request the College Board / whatever testing agency you went through to send your scores to Vanderbilt?  Simply including your AP/IB score on the CommonApp when you applied does not count.  The test scores must come officially and directly from the College Board (or other testing agency). If you took a test that's sponsored by the College Board, go here to request your scores be sent to Vanderbilt.
  2. If you did send them through the College Board a while ago, do you have a receipt / proof that they were sent? Like an email confirming their submission? This will help the Registrar's Office track your scores faster.

Once we have proof that they were sent over, we can start tracking them down faster for you. FYI: No more than eight hours of AP credit are allowed in any one subject area but Peabody does not limit the overall number of AP/IB hours that can be awarded. See page 11 of the Peabody Undergraduate handbook for more details.