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Peabody Advising for Professional Students

Summer/Pre-Matriculation Advising: So, you've just been admitted — now what? A good place to start would be the Peabody Admitted Students' webpage . Select your program from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page, and you'll be taken to a page that contains tons of helpful information for you as you begin your career here at Peabody.

For many programs, you are assigned an advisor during the summer/before you begin your studies. For other programs, you may not receive an advisor until a couple weeks into the school year. Also depending on the program, you may be assigned an advisor randomly or assigned one based on your specific interests/concentration. You will receive regular communications from your departmental coordinator and program director, including info about advising, so check your Vanderbilt email address often for that.

After you've been assigned an advisor, you can find their name by logging into YES (, and on your student landing page, to the right of your photo, will be the name of your advisor.

General Advising Info: Your advisor will be an invaluable resource during your tenure at Peabody — and beyond! Your advisor can not only help you select classes and navigate academic policies, but they will often need to sign off on many relevant forms (such as the leave of absence or course drop form), so be sure you are familiar with how to contact them. If you need to reach your advisor, it's best to plan ahead — avoid waiting until the last minute to email or call. 

Have more questions? Check out our Advising FAQ page here.

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