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Academic Advising

Summer advisement for Peabody's new undergraduate students is led by faculty members of the incoming students' major programs. Communication for summer advisement occurs via telephone and/or email according to the instructions included with your registration packet.

In many, but not all, cases the faculty member who advises you in the summer will continue on as your permanent advisor in the fall. In any case, you will be assigned a permanent academic advisor before you arrive on campus in August, and you will meet with this faculty member in August.

You will meet with your academic advisor during the fall and spring preregistration periods to choose courses for the next semester. Your advisor also is available throughout each semester to discuss topics of interest to you and to help you make the most of your Vanderbilt experience. You should feel free to make an appointment to talk with your advisor whenever a meeting would be helpful.

Because Peabody students have chosen a major before they enter Vanderbilt, "pre-major advising" is not needed for Peabody students. The offices of Peabody advisors are located on the Peabody campus near the Commons.