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Welcome to Teaching and Learning

Professor McTamany and student

Dear First Year Students,

On behalf of the students and faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning, I am excited to welcome you to Vanderbilt.

Many, but perhaps not all of you, intend to be teachers. Regardless, you will all be joining a learning community that is guided by a shared vision, one that is characterized by an intellectual engagement in teaching as well as learning. As the second-ranked college of education in the country, Peabody provides excellent teacher preparation, but our shared vision reaches far beyond the K-12 classroom and extends into the many contexts within which teaching and learning occurs (museums, educational advocacy, community programs, etc.).

As you begin this journey, you will have numerous opportunities to learn and grow along with top-notch faculty, other exceptional first year students you are entering with, as well as students already engaged in their studies. Your ideas about learning, what it means to learn, and how to best support the learning of others will be challenged and refined as you move through your program. Your experiences both within the college classroom and K-12 classrooms and other community/informal learning contexts build upon and mutually reinforce one another as you both use and deepen your knowledge of learning and teaching in the context of practice.

I can't wait to see you on campus in August.


Professor Catherine McTamaney
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Teaching and Learning