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Peabody Accessibility

We consistently work to ensure that all students have a full experience during their time at Peabody.

Our campus often houses impediments to equitable to access that are outside of our immediate control. If an impediment impairs a students from accessing services, locations, or experiences it must be removed or reasonable accommodations must be made to ensure that the student is able to navigate Peabody Campus as freely as possible.

Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion often works in collaboration with other entities in maintaining an inclusive and equitable environment. Collaborative work is both proactive and reactive regarding situations of inaccessibility. This process of this work unfolds once a barrier to access has been experienced by a student or campus member. The person is prompted to utilize the Commodore Access Portal located on Vanderbilt Student Access Services website.

The Commodore Access Portal will be the ultimate mode of communication around accommodations for students, faculty, and the Student Access team. 

Students will use the Commodore Access Portal to connect with the office, request accommodations, and schedule exams. Through this portal, the Student Access team is then able to view requests, schedule exams, and collaborate with students and faculty to ensure students are receiving access. Faculty will also use the Commodore Access Portal to view Accommodation Letters and Provide proctoring information to our testing coordinator. 

If you are an incoming student, a member of the SAS team will meet with you to discuss your accommodations and show you the Commodore Access Portal.

Student Access Services is the primary conduit of information and resources concerning all accessibility questions, accommodations, and needs.Student Access Services Center is located in Suites 108 & 975 of the Baker Building at the corner of 21st Ave. S and Terrace Place. A map of the campus can be viewed at

Visitor parking is located on the second level of the Baker Building Parking Garage with designated accessible parking available. Visitor parking is also available on the first level of the Terrace Place Parking Garage next to the Baker Building.

Student Access Services:

Peabody EDI:

 Peabody Campus Accessibility


(Please see map above for accessibility routes)

Accessibility Information for Peabody Buildings | Map of Peabody Campus

Martha Ingram Commons 

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance is located through the south side of the building. You will enter onto the first floor.

  • There is a working elevator located in the main lobby.

  • If you need assistance carrying your tray in the cafeteria, please ask a food service member. They are willing to help!

Peabody Library

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance is located through Iris Cafe located on the north side of the building, you will enter onto the second floor

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance is also available through the front entrance on the east side of the building. This entrance will require using a motorized wheelchair life located to the left of the steps.

  • There is a working elevator.

Peabody Administration Building

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance on the north side of the building, you will enter onto the first floor.

  • The Peabody Office of EDI  is located in suite 216 on the second floor.

  • There is a working elevator.

Wyatt Center

  • There are wheelchair accessible entrances located on the north and south ends of the building.

  • There are working elevators in the building that stops on all floors, including the third floor which houses the Wyatt Rotunda.

One Magnolia Circle

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance Located on the main entrance on the east side of the building. You will enter onto the first floor.

  • There is a working elevator.


  • Is currently under reconstruction. Construction is estimated to be completed by Summer 2020. Once completed, this building will be fully accessible and house classrooms and HOD administrative and faculty offices.