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Peabody Professional and Graduate Student Groups

MLK 202 Peace Walk

Iris Journal of Scholarship

The Iris Journal of Scholarship is a venue for professional and master’s students to publish accessible academic writing while engaging in the peer-review and publishing process. Led by Peabody College students, the journal aims to connect the education community in scholarship across disciplines, providing interdisciplinary, multifaceted perspectives on local, national, and global issues in education and human development. Through publication, graduate students are empowered to circulate their work among policymakers, academics, professionals, and the public.

Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates (PCBG)

The Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates is an organization geared towards students of color that seeks to provide social support to its members. PCBG also plays an integral in the recruitment and retention of minority students on Peabody's campus. The organization holds several educational and social events throughout the year that are open to the greater Vanderbilt campus.

Peabody Jewish Association (PJA)

The Peabody Jewish Association is a student organization for anyone interested in Jewish related programming. We strive to enhance Peabody’s diversity awareness, serving as a Jewish themed social and educational resource.

Queering Education & Development (Q.Ed.)

Through intentional community-building, outreach, advocacy, social events, and education, Q.Ed. strives to make Peabody a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ students and their allies. By educating and building relationships, Q.Ed. works to build a coalition of anti-oppressive and anti-racist LGBTQI+ and allied students who are socially accountable, engaged in their communities, and actively working to ensure the safety, acceptance, and affirmation of all identities on Peabody’s campus.

Graduate Student Council Liaison

The Office of Student Engagement supports one graduate student council liaison yearly. 

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of Vanderbilt University serves currently enrolled graduate (Ph.D.) students. It is a representative body consisting of one representative from each graduate department of the University. As an organization, GSC has two primary goals.

  • GSC coordinates academic, social, and other activities significant to the graduate community. We strive to promote community among graduate students, as well as graduate student integration into the university community. All graduate students are welcome to attend and participate in GSC meetings, parties, and academic events.
  • GSC works to ascertain and represent graduate student opinions and concerns, facilitating communication between graduate students, administration, and faculty. 

Peabody Professional & Graduate Student Advisory Council 

The Peabody Professional and Graduate Student Advisory Council is comprised of diverse student representatives from all Peabody departments and programs. The goals of PPGSAC are to foster and promote student voice at Peabody; to advise and assist the Peabody Office of Student Engagement with intentional and relevant programming; and, to advocate for student needs.

For more information on these student groups and upcoming events, please visit the Office of Student Engagement. 

Vanderbilt Peabody MAZE Chapter

Studying abroad means stepping into a life of MAZE and also gaining a MAZE of opportunities. To taste every bit of life aspects and to grow from our holding environment, we aim to help all Chinese international students customize individual successful experiences with Peabody values and MAZE partner platform. 

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