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Office of Professional and Graduate Education

The Peabody Office of Professional and Graduate Education (POPGE) provides support for professional (M.Ed. and Ed.D.) graduate (Ph.D.) students in academic and professional development.

POPGE exists to foster communication between students and school administration. Under the leadership of the Associate Dean for Professional Education, Sharon Shields, and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Craig Smith, POPGE strives to offer a continuum of care for graduate and professional students during their years at Peabody. Through strategic programming, mentoring, and resource sharing, POPGE aims to advance your education and launch your career path.

Staff Roles:

  • Associate Dean for Professional Education—Sharon Shields: Dean Shields is the primary liaison between professional students and the Peabody administration. She plays a major role in coordinating with student organizations and ensuring there is funding available to them each year. She is also heavily involved in all the programming the POPGE office supports, from Master’s Visitation Day to our annual Baby Shower.
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Education—Craig Smith: Dean Smith oversees all of the office functions that relate to our doctoral students. Again, this includes events that are run through our student organizations, however we also run and support a number of events specifically for our doctoral candidates.
  • Assistant Director—Anthony Williams: Anthony coordinates many of the events that we do here at POPGE, whether that’s the events we put on ourselves or those that we support with our different student orgs. 

We are delighted that you are here at Peabody College. All of us are alumna of the college and know what a difference a Peabody education can make. In our role as Deans of the Peabody Office of Professional and Graduate Education we are here to serve you in a variety of ways to insure a quality educational experience for you while at Peabody. We are about building capacity that supports:

  • collaborations with students, faculty, and the community;
  • ensures the quality of academic instruction and advising;
  • enhances professional development and personal support opportunities; and
  • enriches research training and mentoring.

Throughout your time at Peabody we want to ensure that your capabilities are developed, that your career is enhanced, and that your educational expectations have been met. We look forward to sharing in your educational journey and hope that you will contact our office if we can be of assistance to you.

Best wishes,

Sharon L. Shields, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Professional Education

Craig Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Education