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Teacher Employment

Education students who most effectively launch their careers start the process early and passionately pursue information about their chosen field. Specific tasks to undertake include 1- Identify your career path, 2 – Build your job search toolkit, 3 – Connect with advocates and advisors to assist as you are going through your process. Career Services for students include classroom presentations to build your basic job search toolkit, a mock interview relay where Education Recruiters provide specific feedback (and recruit you), and the Nashville Area Career Fair – one of the largest education career fairs in the country. You are strongly encouraged to attend the Mock Interview Relay and Nashville Area Career Fair during the spring semester before you graduate.

Since everyone’s job search is different, you are encouraged to make an appointment with your Career Advisor to strategically launch your career. Undergraduates should make an appointment with Steve Transou through the Career Center at (615) 322-2750. Masters students should make an appointment with Jeff Henley via email by sending a set of times you would be available for an appointment. Further resources and information can be found at the Career Center for undergraduate students and at Peabody Career Services for graduate students.

Vanderbilt teacher education graduates may become licensed in Tennessee and in one or more additional states upon program completion. They most often accept teaching positions in Tennessee or Georgia. The remaining 50 percent or so go to any state or foreign country of their choice to teach. We recommend that students become licensed in Tennessee (to teach here or at least to facilitate licensure in other states), their home state, and any other state in which they plan to pursue a teaching position.

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Helpful Web sites for teacher education students seeking employment: