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First Aid and CPR

To meet some of the state standards for dealing with emergencies in schools, first aid and CPR training are required for all teacher education and school counselor education students seeking licensure as prerequisites to application for Screening II the semester prior to student teaching. Training must have been completed no more than two years prior to the time of licensure recommendation at the end of the program. Undergraduates should complete training late in the sophomore year or early in the junior year. Full-time graduate students should complete training prior to program entry or prior to the first October 1st or February 1st in the program. Those seeking initial teacher licensing must have completed first aid and CPR training prior to the Screening II deadline the semester before student teaching.

Highly Recommended:If you will have completed the licensure program within two years, don't wait to do the training just before the Screening II deadline the semester before student teaching. Go ahead and get the training now (again, for licensure purposes, first aid and CPR training is valid for two years).

A copy of the first aid and CPR certificates/cards must be in the licensure file prior to (or with) the Screening II application submitted the semester before student teaching.

Training may be done at the following locations: American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Nashville CPR, YMCA/YWCA, or hospital (etc.) facilities licensed to do the training in any location. On-line classes are acceptable.

  1. First Aid: First aid training is standard.
  2. CPR: There are different courses in CPR (i.e., infant/child, adult, or “community”— which covers all). The preference is for teachers to be trained for infant/child AND adult CPR. The minimum acceptable training addresses the age/size students to be served by the endorsement area being sought. For example, elementary endorsements are relevant to at least the infant/child CPR class. Secondary endorsements are relevant to at least the adult CPR class.

ALL LICENSURE STUDENTS NEED BOTH A FIRST AID CLASS AND A CPR CLASS. To document your training, send/mail/email scan/deliver a copy of the fronts of your FA and CPR certificates (to be placed in your licensure file prior to screening II consideration) to:

Amanda Van Doorn, Director of Teacher Licensure
FAX: 615-343-3474 (no cover sheet needed)
Mail: Peabody 501
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37203
Office: 210 Peabody Administration Building

For additional information, call the Office of Teacher Licensure at (615) 322-8270.