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Licensure for Graduate Students

Whether you are already a teacher and are seeking additional endorsements, or you are considering a graduate program with licensure in order to make a career change, the Office of Teacher Licensure will help you understand how to complete requirements. Please take a moment to review the information below for graduate students regarding licensure.

Additional and Advanced Endorsements

Additional Endorsements

Additional endorsements may be earned in any of the initial licensure endorsement areas at the time of initial licensure or later in a teaching career. When an additional endorsement is earned at the time of initial licensure, it sometimes is referred to as a "second endorsement" instead of an added endorsement. Additional (second) endorsement programs are available at Vanderbilt for the following persons:

  • Vanderbilt students who seek another endorsement while they are completing an initial licensure program
  • Licensed teachers who seek an added endorsement in Special Education as part of a master's degree
  • Returning Vanderbilt students who were initially licensed through Vanderbilt
  • Any teacher who seeks an added endorsement in ESL PreK-12 (For more details please contact Lisa Pray)

Advanced Endorsements

According to Tennessee standards, "advanced endorsement" programs are those that require the master's degree. Tennessee advanced endorsement programs offered at Vanderbilt are:

Program Requirements and Procedures: Graduate

Program requirements are detailed in three main resources available to graduate students:

  1. Peabody Graduate Catalog: Departmental section(s) appropriate for the licensure endorsement being sought and "Licensure for Teaching" sections.
  2. Online catalog
  3. Departmental handbooks (available in departmental offices)



The semester prior to the one in which a student plans to student teach, he/she must apply for student teaching (Screening II) and request student teaching placements. The student should be enrolled in any remaining required prerequisite courses.

Applications will be processed in the Office of Teacher Licensure, and if eligible, forwarded to the appropriate faculty for review and vote. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the application at the appropriate time.

The criteria that must be met for a student to be admitted into student teaching are as follows:

  1. Specific Academic Criteria
    1. Formal admission to a teacher education program for initial licensure granted
    2. Approved program of studies and licensure audit forms on file
    3. Successful completion of all courses and field work required and prerequisite for student teaching
    4. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale)
    5. Successful completion of standard first aid and CPR training (submit certificate copies prior to or with the Screening II application)
  2. Specific Faculty Evaluative Criteria
    1. Dependability (as evidenced by good attendance in classes and practica and the completion of required assignments and procedures on time)
    2. Professional and ethical behavior (honesty, acceptance of responsibility, emotional maturity, etc.)
    3. Attitude and interpersonal skills (including the ability to work with children and with peers)
    4. Academic competence (It is possible for a student to meet minimum grade point requirements and pass all courses and still have specific academic weaknesses which might cause denial of screening applications.)
    5. Teaching competence (as evidenced by successful completion of practica requirements). It is possible for a student to meet minimum grade point requirements and pass all courses and still have specific performance weaknesses which might cause denial of screening applications. Each Screening II application must be accompanied by additional documents, depending on the endorsement(s) being sought.

Department of Teaching and Learning Additional Documents

  1. Professional resume
  2. Parent Letter (only required for Secondary Education)
  3. Copy of first aid and CPR cards to 

Special Education Additional Documents

  1. Professional resume
  2. Philosophy of Teaching Statement
  3. Copy of first aid and CPR cards to

Departmental faculty will consider all criteria for each individual students and will vote on a recommendation for each student. Students who are approved to student teach will receive notification of their student teaching placements no later than during the Student Teacher Orientation at the beginning of the student teaching semester.