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Licensure for Undergraduate Students

Students in LibraryFollowing your passion to become an educator is an enriching career path and the programs offered by Peabody College of Vanderbilt University offer excellent preparation. The Office of Teacher Licensure will assist you in the completion of your licensure requirements so that upon graduation you have a range of career opportunities open to you.

Program requirements are detailed in three main resources available to undergraduates:

  1. Undergraduate Catalog: Peabody section, parts titled "The Undergraduate Program," "Licensure for Teaching," and the program information in the appropriate departmental entries for Peabody and Arts & Sciences majors/minors
  2. Online catalog
  3. Undergraduate Departmental Handbook given to each new student by their department

Licensure requirement completion by year can be found by clicking below.

First-year Requirements
Sophomore Requirements
Junior Requirements
Senior Requirements