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Background Clearance

FINGERPRINTING (for background/security clearance) -- As of the start of Fall 2018 all students matriculating into Peabody College must have security clearance. In addition, all students from any Vanderbilt school must have security clearance if they take any Peabody course involving interacting with minors or other vulnerable populations, or if they engage in research at Peabody that requires security clearance. Obtaining this security involves being fingerprinted through an external agency for a criminal background check by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Students are responsible for paying the fees for this process. Students must complete the fingerprinting that starts the clearance process no later than the end of the first two weeks of the semester in which the fingerprinting becomes required. Vanderbilt students may not participate in any Peabody College related activities involving PreK-12 students or vulnerable adults until their background clearance is finalized.

Detailed instructions for completing the security clearance process can be found on the Peabody Background Clearance Office website. There you will find the policy, forms, instructions, and steps for completing the background clearance process. If you have a question please contact the Background Clearance Office.