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Tutor a Nashville Public School Student


Through Tutor Nashville, members of the Vanderbilt Community provide free tutoring to elementary, middle, and high school students in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Tutoring sessions are conducted online.

We are recruiting volunteer tutors for the 2021-22 academic year. 

Tutors will support students in the areas of literacy (first to third grade) and algebra (8th and 9th grade). Tutors will meet with their students online for three 30-minute sessions per week.

Note: Fall 2021 recruitment has closed; the next round of tutoring begins in January 2022.  You can sign up at any time, but will not be matched until January.

To sign up to be a Tutor Nashville tutor:

                1. Fill out this brief tutor interest form.
                2. Register to tutor with the MNPS Accelerating Scholars through the BrightPath platform. Select Vanderbilt when asked for your affiliation!
                3. Authorize the background check for MNPS volunteers,
                4. Make sure your VU Protection of Minors training is current,
                5. Complete online training modules at the Accelerating Scholars site, and
                6. Begin tutoring!

Interested in learning more?

View Our Information Session slides HERE.
See more on MNPS Accelerating Scholars HERE.


See FAQs below or contact us at


What is Tutor Nashville? Vanderbilt community members provide free tutoring to elementary, middle and high school students in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Tutoring sessions are conducted virtually over a dedicated tutoring platform.

How long is the commitment? Tutors are expected to commit, at minimum, for the semester: 10 weeks of tutoring, three times a week for 30 minutes each session. 

Will there be training? Yes, as soon as you have been cleared to tutor, you will be instructed to access a series of modules on the MNPS Accelerating Scholars resource site.  These are designed to help ensure that you and your student are getting the most from the tutoring experience. The Tutor Nashville team will also offer optional weekly sessions to support you in using materials provided, address any questions you might have, and offer additional resources as needed.

What do Tutors Do?  Literacy and Writing Tutors assist with reading and writing confidence, comprehension, accuracy, writer’s ideas, writer’s word choice, etc.  Mathematics tutors assist with pre-algebra and algebra concepts and reasoning and supporting students in building on what they know.

Will I have the same student each time? Yes. The expectation is that you would work with the same student each session.

How do I get matched? Once you complete the application process and are cleared through the PENCIL background check, you will be prompted to select a student whose schedule aligns with yours.

What subjects/grades? Literacy (Grades 1, 2 and 3) and Math (Grades 8 and 9)

What happens once I am matched? For the grade/subject of the student with whom you matched, follow one training “track”: Early Literacy (1st and 2nd grade), Reading (3rd grade) or Math (8th and 9th grade).

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Tutor Resources
Bright Space:     MNPS-Vanderbilt Tutoring Partnership Sandbox Course
Protection of Minors:     VU Protection of Minors
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