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Anchor Down & Step Up!
Tutor a Nashville Public School Student

 Vanderbilt students are needed to tutor local elementary and middle school students.

Through a partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), elementary and middle school students will be paired with Vanderbilt tutors and receive free, one-to-one, academic support.

This semester, due to COVID-19 restrictions, all tutoring sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

As a tutor, you and your student will meet virtually (during school hours) two to three times each week. No prior training is required, all tutors will be provided with professional development, guidance, and support from experienced educators.  


Questions? Email us!

Ready to jump in? Click HERE for the application form.
(Note the application form is hosted by BrightPath, which is partnering with MNPS and Vanderbilt
to match tutors with MNPS students.)


Tutor Resources
Bright Space:     MNPS-Vanderbilt Tutoring Partnership Sandbox Course
Protection of Minors:     VU Protection of Minors
Program Contact: