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Making an Impact in Talent Acquisition
Peabody is extraordinarily different because of three things: Passionate faculty, experiencedclassmates, and engaging client projects.
Keldrick L. Stephens
Leadership and Organizational Performance
M.Ed. '20
Strategic DEI Lead

At the intersection of my role, you find my interests: HBCUs, talent acquisition, programming, and strategy. Myaim is to secure top HBCU talent, which affectsthe business context and organizational bottom-line. Translation: I link people to opportunity. The Leadership and Organizational Performance program meshedall of my interests and meshed them. I’ve had the opportunity to create a recruiting program from scratch,develop a methodology for Deloitte’s HBCU strategy,participate in broader HBCU talent planning, and so much more. LOP gave me the confidence to leave college admissions after six years and leverage acquired skills to #DoGoodWork and #MakeAnImpact in talent acquisition.

Peabody is extraordinarily different because of three things: passionate faculty, experienced classmates, and engaging client projects. Each element created a transformative experience-influencingmy approach to problem solving.

I appreciate Peabody’s concern for the whole student and our differences. Thataffirmation around identity allowed me to authentically contribute in class discussions and ideas. Approaching my Peabody experience as a blank slate afforded enriching opportunities like interviewing Associate Vice Chancellors, serving on Diversity Councils, and conducting research to enhance Vanderbilt and Peabody at large. Iowe much of my success to the LOP faculty, career Services professionals, and peers whohelped shape my experience.