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Asha Spivak

Research Associate, Peabody Research Institute

Asha Spivak's work is supported by a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Postdoctoral Fellowship (NRSA F32). She received her Ph.D. in Human Development and Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles and her master’s degree in Instructional Leadership and Curriculum Development from Vanderbilt. She has had a variety of experiences working in applied fields in education and psychology, including work as curriculum and assessment developer, practicum supervisor, early childhood literacy coordinator, and youth librarian. Spivak has research interests in the areas of prosocial behavior, altruism, empathy, racial and ethnic tolerance, mutually beneficial conflict resolution, social play, and maladaptive social behavior. Her main focus is on studying the ways in which school-related instructional, interpersonal, and environmental factors shape the prosocial development of children and youth. Currently, she is heading an international meta-analysis to identify the types of instructional practices and components of interventions that show the most evidence-based promise to enhance prosocial behavior in educational contexts.