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Misha Inniss-Thompson

Doctoral Student, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Misha Inniss-Thompson is interested in using ecological systems theory and culturally-relevant positive youth development models as a tool for understanding Black girls’ experiences during the transition from middle childhood to adolescence. In particular, her research focuses on the impact of ethnic-racial socialization in shaping Black girls’ socioemotional wellbeing and academic outcomes. She is mentored by Dr. Velma McBride Murry.  

Prior to pursuing her doctorate at Vanderbilt, Misha earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development (minors: Inequality Studies and Africana Studies) with distinction and honors from Cornell University. As an undergraduate, Misha was a Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Scholar and authored an honors thesis entitled Reflection as a resource: Mitigating the negative effects of gender microaggression. Misha has experience conducting quantitative research in normative developmental process, culturally-relevant family stress theories, and using national education data and qualitative interviews to inform policy impacting the educational experiences of girls of color. Upon graduation, Misha plans to pursue a tenure-track position at a research university and continue conducting research that informs policy and practice.