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Sara M. Perisho Eccleston, M.S.

Doctoral Student, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Program: Community Research and Action
Admission year: 2015

Sara Eccleston explores the intersections of religion, race, and community development. I am particularly interested in the ways that socially progressive Christian development organizations engage issues of race, racism, and power. My current projects, which are grounded in Critical Studies frameworks and employ qualitative methodology, investigate the philosophy and practices of Christian Community Development (CCD). I am funded in part by the Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative of the Vanderbilt Divinity School. Long term, I plan to examine how Christian efforts toward social justice function to interrupt or reproduce existing power differentials, in the hopes of partnering with Christian communities to foster greater equity and justice. I work with Dr. Sarah Suiter, director of the Community Development and Action (CDA) program.