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About PLAN

Well into its second decade, the Principals’ Leadership Academy of Nashville has a legacy of cultivating the most promising new ideas about how to use leadership as a lever to make meaningful change in our public schools.

That’s why PLAN, in coordination with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, is leading the way in pioneering a new, cutting edge theory of change called improvement science. PLAN participants will have the opportunity to play a crucial role in blazing this new trail of change in Nashville public schools. A learning by doing model, participants will work with their small cohort, expert faculty at Peabody and veteran mentor principals to identify problems, rapidly test solutions to those problems within their respective schools and revise the process based on evidence of what’s working. Improvement science research is distinctive because it not only seeks to answer the question of “what works?” when it comes to improving student outcomes, but more comprehensively, “what works, when and how?”.

Coming out of the program, participants will be prepared to make an impact right away as new principals. They will be emboldened to think critically about the efforts of their staff to effect change and will understand how to rigorously pursue key change ideas that can bring about the best results for their students.