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For Counselors

Peabody enrolls more than 1,100 undergraduates, and the counselors who guide their college choice process are important to us. As Vanderbilt’s college of education and human development, we participate in the university-wide conference for school counselors each April.

A few facts that might interest your students:

  • Among our peers—top 10 education colleges—Peabody is one of a few that will recommend undergraduates for licensure at the end of four years.
  • Nearly all of our faculty teach undergraduates. Many of our youngest students also collaborate with these renowned professors on significant research projects.
  • The Human and Organizational Development major is the largest undergraduate major in the entire university.
  • All prospective undergraduates apply through Vanderbilt, and their first point of contact is the counselor assigned to their region of the country. Visit the Undergraduate Admissions section, which offers in-depth resources and contact information for admissions staff.