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Peabody Scholars Alumni

What our alumni say about Peabody Scholars.

Olivia Arnold, Boston Consulting Group

Through my summer experience in Mumbai with Peabody Scholars, I developed an interest in using data to better serve those in need. In addition, the book clubs, conferences, and volunteer projects that I participated in throughout my time as a Peabody Scholar greatly affected my world view. Discussing transformative books and experiences with my peers and hearing new perspectives shaped the way that I now see the world and systems at play in education, housing, poverty, trauma, etc. Long term, I hope to use the business and analytics skills I gain at BCG to serve in the nonprofit sector addressing these systems.

Emma Hart, Doctoral Student in Developmental Psychology, Columbia University's Teachers College

Peabody Scholars provided me the resources to explore the world, quite literally. Through the program I got to explore international child development programming at the Bernard van Leer Foundation in the Netherlands. This experience helped me to clarify that I wanted to pursue a PhD and research, versus working on child development issues at a non-profit/ foundation. Through funding from the program, I also got to travel to Brown for a summit on homelessness and poverty, which played a big role in informing how I understand these issues in my research/in life. I have also gained insight and inspiration from many program-sponsored experiences. These included everything from attending a TED conference to attending plays and orchestral concerts and engaging in several book clubs with other students.

I am so grateful to the support and freedom this program provided me to explore my interests throughout my time at Vanderbilt.

Mary Tezak, Project Coordinator, Millions of Conversations

My current employment was a direct result of Peabody Scholars!

I used the stipend the summer after my sophomore year to intern with an organization called Millions of Conversations. We traveled the United States conducting focus groups with people who leaned right politically. We researched Islamophobia and the broader question of "belonging" in America. I have actually been working for Millions ever since, and I am currently their Project Coordinator. Right now we are in the beginning stages of an outward facing national campaign intended to address polarization and political violence in the United States. We work with Dr. Jonathan Metzl at Vanderbilt as well.

I loved my experience with Peabody Scholars.