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Peabody Scholars Program

Scholars Program

Peabody Scholars is the college-wide honors program for Peabody.  The program is designed to attract Peabody’s brightest and most intellectually engaged students across all Peabody departments, to provide them with a community of like-minded scholars and numerous opportunities for academic and social enrichment.  

Students apply to Peabody Scholars in the fall of their freshman year and, if accepted, begin the program in the spring semester.  See tabs at left for program details and requirements.  If you have any additional questions about the program or application, please email:

Leslie D. Kirby, Ph.D.
Director, Peabody Scholars Program
Principal Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department Human and Organizational Development
Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

Please note: this is not a scholarship (general financial assistance/grant) program.

News and Upcoming Events

Fall Reception:  Tuesday, October 24th (5-7 pm, Wyatt Rotunda)

Upcoming Capstone Events:  Glow Nashville, October 29th; Grand Ole Opry, November 14th; Cheekwood Lights, December 4th

Sophomore Summer Experience Application/Paperwork available November 1st (final due date: April 15th)

Applications for new Peabody Scholars available October 25th

Meet the Current Peabody Scholars

Joseph Tropeano"I've really enjoyed all of the enriching opportunities the Peabody Scholars Program has allowed me. This spring, I'll be doing research on social capital in international contexts with a Peabody faculty member. I'm also hoping to use my stipend this summer to study abroad in Italy. None of these opportunities would have been possible without participating in Peabody Scholars."

Joseph Tropeano

Allena Berry "Imagine having 12 individuals, from all over the country, coming together because of their love of knowledge (and the pursuit thereof). Imagine this same group of individuals, growing and learning together, over a four year time span. Imagine professors who partner up with this group and become intimately connected with the group's growth as scholars, but most importantly, as people. Now stop imagining. Because this is exactly what the Peabody Scholars program encompasses. These past few years as a Peabody Scholar go far beyond those aforementioned imaginings. The experience has been an integral part of my Undergraduate career."

Allena Berry
HOD & History