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About CDA

The Community Development & Action program falls under the purview and the mission of the Department of Human & Organizational Development.

The Department Mission Statement Reads:
We seek to promote individual, relational, and collective well being by enhancing the development of individuals, organizations, communities, and societies. We strive to achieve these aims by creating and disseminating knowledge about how people, groups, and systems influence one another.

HOD faculty, staff, and students strive to hold each other accountable to promote:

  • People’s rights, dignity, learning, and growth;
  • Relationships based on caring and respect;
  • Communities of inclusion and support;
  • Societies built on democratic participation, justice and equality.

Program content is designed for the purpose of providing students with opportunities to develop:

  • Competency as a self-directed, life-long learner
  • Skill in understanding and leading groups and organizations
  • Tools that facilitate self-reflection and ethical practice
  • Confidence as a change agent
  • Theoretical knowledge and research-based aptitude upon which all the above depend

Students enter fields of research and practice related to:

  • Government Service & Policy
  • Youth Development & Education
  • Community Based Organizations
  • School to Prison Pipeline & Recidivism
  • Mental Health Care Access and Services
  • Community Organizing and Advocacy
  • International Development

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Information Sheet about Community Development and Action (M.Ed.)