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CDA Program of Studies

Practicum | Final Assessments

As a student of communities and human development, you are expected to make a strong commitment to your education by recognizing the intention behind program goals and making an effort to learn and grow beyond the minimum degree requirements. You are expected to commit to your best work and maintain your personal integrity as well as the integrity of the program. Coursework entails a minimum of 30 hours of required and elective classes in content areas. Course selection may vary according to career objectives of the student and recommendations made by his or her major advisor.

Sample Program of Studies

Fall 2014

  • Professional Seminar – Becoming a Change Agent*
  • Community Inquiry*
  • Community Development Theory*

Spring 2015

  • Consulting
  • Pre-Practicum*
  • Community Intervention & Change

Fall 2015

  • Theories of Inequality
  • Program Evaluation

Spring 2016

  • Community Organizing
  • Global Dimensions of Community Development

*Denotes required course

In addition to the four required courses indicated above, students must take two theory courses, two skills courses, a diversity course, and at least one elective course as they fulfill their 30 hour degree requirement.  All department courses count as either a theory, skill, or diversity course.  Students are given the freedom to select the specific courses within these categories that align with their interests and goals.

A student may also choose to take an additional 6 hours and complete a concentration in an area of his or her choosing. Examples of areas of concentration include topics such as Leadership and Management, International Development, Education, Public Policy, Community Health and Wellness, and Program Evaluation.

Students also complete 300 hours of field work via the Practicum experience. Learn more about the Practicum.

The Practicum experience should also tie in to a student’s final assessment. Learn more about Final Assessment options.